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Coaching is for you if you can relate to these things…

I “can’t trust myself around food”, and left to my own will,  I would be unable to stop eating.

I eat “healthy foods” and follow food plans, but when I’m on “binge mode” all those rules go off the window and I feel out of integrity with myself.

I feel so down and demoralized after a binge that it begins to affect my self esteem and relationships to others. Sometimes I wonder what I would accomplish if I could stop being distracted by food thoughts and negative self-talk.

Every pound I gain sends me into a tailspin of dieting, researching new solutions, and feeling like I don’t feel good in my clothes.

I’m jealous of people who can just order whatever they want at a restaurant plus dessert, enjoy their meal, and just move on with life even if they overeat.

I navigate between diet extremes! I’m either eating a perfect food plan and feel “in control” or... what the heck! I already screwed up and ate that might as well eat everything in the cupboards now.

I’m out of touch with my hunger and fullness signals and am confused about what being hungry and full really feel like.

I’m afraid of navigating certain social situations or trips, because they might “trigger” me to binge.

I’m constantly unhappy with my weight, or terrified of gaining weight.

I’ve tried EVERY diet, every food plan, every healthy lifestyle guide to help me stay on track and stop binging, but nothing has worked long term.

I secretly worry that if I don’t handle this problem, I will continue on this cycle for the rest of my days.

If any of that sounds like you…I get it. And it sucks! I was exactly where you were - and that's why I'm here to help you overcome binge eating, food obsessing, and other food “issues.”

I have good news: once we work together, I’ll take you here...

You’ll get to order whatever you want from the restaurant menu and enjoy social outings.

You won’t be afraid of getting triggered by food during family holiday dinners anymore.

You’ll buy all the foods you like and forget they are in your fridge, or get pastries from your favorite bakery and enjoy them without this driving you into “binge mode.”

You will not have to freak out about following a food plan anymore, or feel bad if you ate “emotionally” or ate “bad” foods.

You will eat with ease. You will stop counting calories and needing to compare yourself to “thinspiration” models on Instagram. You will delete those 5 different “weight goal” apps from your phone and save yourself some storage space.

You will teach your friends and children by example. They will see how you are enjoying and have a normal relationship to food.

Binges will be something of the past.

Your friends will wonder what happened and how did you get so much awesome confidence around food.

You will have bucks in your wallet and mental plus physical energy in your day to spend on other things now that you are not binging, avoiding binges, or on a diet.

You will stop feeling afraid of food because food will STOP having power over you.

Here’s How We Do It!


Schedule a date on my calendar and fill out an application to speak with me and see if we're a fit.


If accepted, I will reach out to you so we can chat!


If you feel like you'd like to commit to the coaching relationship, I send you the materials needed to get started so we can heal your relationship with food.

It’s all talk until you can really challenge Diet Culture  🔥 🙌 and fundamentally GET how it brainwashed you + affected the relationship to your body and food.

No experience in feminist politics required, I’ll take you there. So give yourself some time to get the hang of things. You’re gonna feel renewed and dusted in EMPOWERMENT TOOLS. 

I highly recommend, you badass beauty, that we hop on the phone.