March 2, 2019

Reconnecting with our authentic desires is at the heart of recovery.

Connecting with another person becomes way more possible and rewarding when we learn to care for our own needs first.

Why am I focusing on this topic today? Because it was only once I truly healed my relationship to food, that I was able to connect back to my intuition and really understand how to ask what I wanted for in relationships. 

I hope this speaks to you if you are dating, or navigating relationships in recovery from binge eating, emotional eating, food obsessing and other disordered eating patterns.

To me, it’s interesting to remember how, when I was in the depths of my binge eating days, I was also in an emotionally abusive relationship with myself, and with a partner.

​Later, when I healed my relationship to food and got out of that relationship, I found so many similarities between the men I picked and my disordered eating patterns.

The central one was that, same way I deprived myself of food or later ate until way past being full, the men I was with made me feel emotionally deprived from deeply connecting and trusting.

Same way I wouldn’t allow myself to eat certain foods I deemed “bad,” then obsessed about food and tried to control my food all day, I would obsess and try to control my partner, a sign I was emotionally deprived in this area too.These men would, also, be emotionally unavailable themselves, which made me think I had to be ok with crumbs.
 If I desired more than just crumbs, I would be judged or named called as too needy, too immature, too ungrateful etc until I started to believe that normalizing emotional deprivation was the only way to be good, to be loved.
There was not enough nourishment.
But guess what? There is so much light once we heal our relationship to food because everything else heals too! You get to connect to your intuition again, first around our basic needs for nourishing foods, then around other relationships in our life. The results are pretty liberating and this is a simple and challenging process.

It’s a pretty cool journey too. Check out this article I was featured in, were Tinder Swipe Life discusses navigating relationships after recovery from disordered eating.

PS: Want to heal YOUR relationship to food and reconnect back to your intuitive wants and desires? Schedule a FREE call with me HERE.

Until next time babe!


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