February 4, 2019

Hi Babes!

If I haven’t convinced you that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN for overeating and food obsessing, let me explain to you the psychological reasons why this is happening. Basically, many of our disordered eating issues happen because of restricting food either in the past, or at some point in the diet-binge cycle. We might restrict physically by saying NO to certain foods or food groups, or we might restrict emotionally by judging our food and food behaviors negatively. But the point is, binges are a natural reaction to restriction.

Here is some science research behind the connection between restricting food and binging. 

Have you heard of the Minnesota Starvation Experiment?

Probably not..who cares about a bunch of men starving themselves for the sake of SCIENCE, right?

But, this is why this experiment is so interesting for anyone who wants to understand the psychology of HUNGER…and also WHY we binge, over-eat, and eat emotionally.

Let me sum it up for you in a two minute read:

in the already mentioned location, a scientist conducted a 1 year study with men volunteers. This was 1946 and he wanted to learn how to help World War II survivors who had suffered from starvation.

Scientist selects 36 super healthy men who ate normally and NONE OF THEM had ever shown signs of eating disorders. They ate when they were hungry, stopped when they felt full, and didn’t think about food much.

Men’s calories get cut in half, from 3200 to 1,600 a day..for six months…


Men felt fatigued, cold, moody.

They lost complete interest in subjects that used to interest them (politics? saving the world? sex?) and instead became super interested in FOOD. ( FYI: Researchers had a hypothesis that when you really want something, you start to focus on it obsessively. It produces a kind of tunnel vision and creates problems for thinking in the long-term. It’s called scarcity mentality.)

the stress of not eating enough proved to much for some of the men: one started eating from the garbage, another had dreams of cannibalism, another asked to be put in an insane asylum for a while.

their heart rates dropped from 55 beats per minute to 35 showing clear signs of metabolism slowing down. At the end of the starvation period..their metabolic rate was down by FORTY PERCENT!

I don’t know about you {{ subscriber.first_name }}, but when i read this study, I found a CENTRAL connection between HOW I FELT WHENEVER I WENT ON A DIET, FOOD PLAN, OR ANY OTHER CALORIE COUNTING JOURNEY…and how after a few weeks…My hunger and binges felt out of control!

Also, want to laugh a lot?! this Margaret Cho clip where she explains her “diet” is awesome… (warning: she uses plenty of curse words :))

Want to know the good news?

These men recovered after one year, and went back to being normal eaters…

How did they do it?

They ate again. Whatever their hearts desired and as much as their bodies needed. They did not restrict food or calories. At first there was some initial bloating and discomfort, duh, because they were hungry! But once their brains and bodies got the message that they were not in starvation mode anymore, their metabolisms recovered, they stopped food obsessing, got out of the scarcity mindset around food, and were able to sustain a weight that was easy for them to keep without effort. For some, it took them a whole year. But their bodies and brains were physically and emotionally restored.

Just like that!

They did exactly what Margaret Cho did, what Portia de Rossi advocates for, and what Emma Thomson wishes she would have done earlier in her career…

They all said F*** You to Dieting! And STOPPED eating restrictively.

And if you care about your recovery and sanity, you should too my love!

You deserve WAY MORE than a food plan or a diet!
Your body is YOURS, your life is YOURS, and no set of food rules or restrictions can take that from you!
😍 😎

Body Positive activist Virgie Tovar writes,

“Dieting is about forever placing our eyes on a future where our goal is to be someone we are not, and never living now. Dieting is about obedience and submission-to a rule that says you are worth nothing more than the numbers on a scale. Dieting limits our lives.”

XO until next time!


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