January 23, 2019

So many people come to me with this question. I get it, because I struggled with food for half of my life and I made it my mission to passionately carry a message of empowerment for those who have a complicated relationship to food.

So, through the years and as I’ve helped others get free from their emotional and psychological attachments to food, I’ve come up with so many resources, a strong teaching methodology, and a coaching structure to get others to understand how to work with their body, emotions, intuition, soul, and brain…instead of against them.

In return, food loses power over us and we stop fighting food if we work through this structure and follow the blueprint. It’s that simple, and yet I continue to see people struggle due to incorrect or even unethical messages guiding them towards restriction, deprivation, or making the focus solely on weight loss, and setting them up for a lifelong of food-obsession and feeling disconnected from their intuition.

A lot of my work involves helping others de-brainwash themselves from their “toxic chatter” or “inner critic,” and guiding them to find empowerment tools so that they can challenge their triggers around food and their negative body image narratives. 

If you want to stop binging, you need to educate yourself in the school of BADASS-ERY and reclaim your power babe.

If you want start somewhere, please start here. These are the basic resources that helped me, and can help you understand what is going on if you are still eating emotionally, overeating, or binging, why you feel “out of control” around food, and how to start healing.

I’m working on an amazing all-encompassing, super accessible course to teach you HOW TO APPLY all this information…but for now, if you wan’t to be self-motivated and start surrounding yourself with clear information so that you can begin to reclaim your power…start here! These are the very BASICS, and these are also a mix of science, feminism, and intuitive eating books that empowered and accelerated my own recovery. They will change your life if you are open to looking at things differently.

Oh, one more thing. This is the year of the QUEEN, and it is really our time to begin reclaiming our power and intuition, first as we start detaching from food, and later as we begin to reconnect to our intuition around LIFE!

The journey is amazing! Hope this helps beauty!

Dr. Linda Bacon, Body Respect

Evelyn Tribole, Intuitive Eating

Kathryn Hansen, Brain Over Binge 

Ahmed, Sarah. The Promise of Happiness.

Tovar, Virgie. You Have a Right To Remain Fat

Roxane Gay, Hunger

Howard, Hannah. Feast, True Love In and Out of the Kitchen.

Also, if you want to know exactly how to apply Intuitive Eating to your food choices RIGHT NOW, watch my FREE training here.

Hugs to you!

xo, Carolina

PS: I’m the proud founder of “The Rulebreaker Program,” featured in Elephant Journal, Recovery Warriors, Elite Daily and more. I am changing the conversation around binge eating and emotional eating so that you can reconnect back to your goddess intuition and stop fighting food. Get on my calendar if you think one to one coaching would help you apply all this info and finally GET FREE from your emotional attachments to food. 


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