December 6, 2018

We are not born with disordered eating patterns. We are born with a wise body that knows what it wants and needs to eat. But at some point we stop tuning in with that intuition and INSTEAD start listening to what diets and food programs tell us to do. We start making weight loss and weight control our main GOAL…and something begins to get messed up as we keep controlling our food and bodies…

Do you remember the first time you began thinking like a dieter?

Do you even remember how life looked like before you began attaching morality to your food choices, and judging your food as “good” or “bad”?

For me, it began in the 5th grade.

Ou science teacher made us keep track of our daily food intakes for a week as part of a nutrition lesson. I wrote down everything I ate that week.

I was still a normal eater at the time.

I kept track of all my meals, and wrote how I ate an ice-cream sundae from Mcdonald’s almost every day after school, and snacks too.

I was a happy, active kid, and yes, I liked snacks and ice-cream. But when I showed it to my teacher, she pointed it wasn’t super healthy to eat all that sugar, and that I could make healthier choices, such as fruits.

There was nothing intrinsically damaging about this lesson. Yet the message I got was that an ice-cream sundae was a bad choice, while a fruit was a good choice. Instead of just adding  more fruits or fiber to my meals for example, my understanding was that I should just replace the “bad” food for the “good” food.

I obviously wanted to be good at everything I did, so picked up some nutrition books from the library and learned about calorie counting and diets.

( Just for laughs, here are some vintage, diet books. Check out their cheesy titles! I don’t think the main ideas have changed that much SADLY!)

After nerding out on those books, I “learned” I had to eat a specific amount of calories for my weight, and that I could control my food intakes to eat less calories if I wanted to.

I also looked at healthy food options to replace my ice-cream sundaes for other “better” foods.

At the time, the whole thing felt new and challenging, and I didn’t share with anyone else what I was doing.

The irony is that I had never cared about ice-cream sundaes that much UNTIL I was taught that sundaes were “bad” for me! Then, after a period of deprivation from this food, my brain and appetite reacted!

Suddenly I WANTED ice-cream so bad!!

I was ten years old.

That was my first experience trying to control my food and weight. It was a long time ago but that’s when diet mentality started for me.

What’s important to understand is that, if you are like me, you were once a normal eater until you encountered #ToxicDietMentality ideas. Thinking there are “good” and “bad” food choices, following a book or a diet plan instead of your own wants and needs, and attaching your value and worth to what you eat are some of the mind sets that are keeping you stuck in the diet-binge cycle.

We all have our own story about your first encounter with diet mentality, and the first time you attached morality to your food choices.

What’s yours?

💓 💓 💙


PS: It’s all talk until you can really #FuckUpDietCulture and fundamentally GET how it brainwashed you + affected the relationship to your body and food.


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