December 4, 2018


Dear Rulebreakers,  Hope you are taking good care of yourselves!  ❤

Get sleep. Eat what your body and soul want you to eat, drink lots of water. Meditate. Be extra kind to you.

Because nothing is as important as your health and well-being.

Speaking of well-being, I have this story for you!​

I used to make ice-cream one of my “favorite” binge foods. You know, going through a whole day of eating in a very structured and “safe” way, then by 7pm I’m already planning what bodega to get ice-cream in (I live in NYC!), then going to different stores to get different types of binge foods because I somehow had this SHAME around the cashier seeing me buy cookie dough, plus an instant pizza, ice-cream and hot pockets all at once…So I would buy my binge foods in separate places… (I used to call this sort of “shopping  spree” my “binge tours.”) Then, I would disconnect the phone, hide in a corner of my apartment, and eat on the couch while watching Netflix.

That was pretty much my life at least three times a week. I had my life “under control” in other areas, but regarding food, I felt like a failure.

It became such a habit, I couldn’t even image life without my binges. To me, this habit I had created felt comfortable and almost “safe.”

Then I recovered. It was an amazing, mind-blowing process where every day I felt more and more connected to my body and intuition. 

I felt free in a way I never had before. I started making free choices around food and as my scarcity mentality left, so did my binges. 

You can read all about my own recovery process here and how I train other people to also get free. 

But the point is, I had one pretty awesome Milestone and it was the day I realized food just didn’t have power over me.

It was a night I had come home from work stressed from a full day of teaching middle school kids ( gotta love those little angels!!) and all I wanted was warm comfort food, maybe some ice-cream, and a hot shower.

I made myself something buttery and warm, ate it with zero guilt or judgements. Then I felt sort of full and watched more Netflix. Then I still wanted dessert so I opened the ice-cream container..AND FOR THE FIRST TIME I DIDN’T THROW OUT THE LID.

Yup, you got it. I actually knew I wasn’t going to want the whole thing, so I KEPT THE LID ON.

Now that’s recovery my loves. A simple thing as that is the milestone of an old habit being DONE WITH.

I think I had some ice-cream, then it started to feel too sweet for me, so I got tired and left the rest of the container in my freezer. AND IT STAYED THERE FOR A WEEK UNTIL I HAD TO THROW IT OUT.

If you get it. If you are still with me. I know you might understand how such a simple thing is huge if you struggled with food for a long time. 

If you want me to take you through this process too, from night binges to forgetting there is chocolate cake in your fridge, then please don’t be a stranger. I have a proven system that works and can help.

You’re a precious soul — treat yourself that way. ​



PS: Call me if you want these food issues to be a problem of the past! Book a session here. ​

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